Earth Day- Email Marketing

April Dates to Jot Down

With Easter just behind us and all the blooms in full spring, we thought to share some important dates coming up in April that you should jot down to use in your email campaigns this month. It’s always a good idea to change things up and email your subscribers different types and styles of promotions. And one of the most vital golden nuggets of insider tips on successful email promotions is by way of sending relevant content.

As an email marketer, relevance is being in the know and in the now as it relates to the world around you and tying it into your email campaigns. It’s about your efforts to be knowledgeable about what’s going on around you- for your brand to create relevant email campaigns that take note of major events, upcoming holidays and keynote occasions, so that you stay transparently energized about your brand.

    •    April 15 – 17 Income Tax Returns Due: Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the completion of their taxes? After grinding out the receipts and crunching the numbers, why not catch your audience at a time when they need a little pick me up from you? You could absolutely think of a unique email idea that your customers will appreciate.

    •    April 22 Earth Day: This is your opportunity to show that you are eco-conscious and working towards going green in your own way, to preserve and protect the world around you. Everyone has a role in mobilizing the planet and email campaigns that raise awareness or reflect on Earth Day are also a unique opportunity to stir buzz and inspire your subscribership.

    •    April 26 Take our Daughters & Sons to Work Day: What an amazing holiday to reward your audience for spending time with their family in a work setting. How about a special lunch time discount, or a 2-for-1 Special?

With a little planning and a calendar of upcoming events, you can make the holidays count!