June Spells to Kick Start the Summer
It’s June gloom be-gone and welcome summer! June is a pivotal month, a half way celebration of what is still to come in 2012, and there is no better way to kick start the summer fun with a little bit of email marketing to warm up your subscribers.

· June 14 Flag Day: Though not an official federal holiday, June 14 commemorates the adoption of the United States flag. In fact, the week of June 14 is designated as “National Flag Week” where citizens and government buildings express their patriotism by displaying the American flag on the outside of their homes and buildings. So, somewhat of a foil to the upcoming more well known Fourth of July holiday, you can creatively design email campaigns that speak to the history of our nation and exude a fervor of patriotism. You can use goose bump stirring flag images in your headers, as well as inside your emails, to emblazon this sense of Americana, as well as send out promotions rewarding veterans, military personnel or anyone who has or is serving the country with a special discount the week of the 14th.

· June 17 Father’s Day: It is essential that your email campaigns speak directly to wives and children who are just starting to think about what to get dad on this wonderful upcoming Sunday celebrating all that is papa. So, stir the pot and engage your subscribership with amazing deals and offers that cannot be passed up. Make it easy with an offer that no one else can match, so that your company is at the forefront of your audience’s choices on what to get dad.

· June 20 First Day of Summer: It is needless to say that summer brings the sun, the outdoors and lots of shopping fun. So kick up your email newsletters and offers a notch with RedCappi’s cool breezy template headers, conveying that same sense of cool with a single click. This is the time to start promoting your summer specials and even pre-season summer deals. The key is to let your subscribers in on a pre-season secret that they will be getting from you and enticing them to click through your email campaigns.