For many years, email marketing was the number one tool for marketers looking to attract new business and keep current customers interested. However, with the rise of social media, many businesses have completely abandoned this type of marketing.

If this is something your business has done or is considering doing, consider these things first.

It’s Effective

Even as popular as social media is, email marketing is still more effective. In fact, research shows that it is 40% more effective than social media. Not only does it help to build your brand, but it can keep people coming to your website and social media pages.

Growing is Easy

When compared to gathering a huge following on social media, developing an email list is actually much simpler. Many businesses develop a system that captures the email addresses from customers at the checkout counter. Then, businesses are able to offer discounts and new information about the business, which will entice the customers to return in the future.

It’s Functional

Emails are unique. Whereas it is difficult with social media to customize your message around your target market, this is actually one of the best things about email marketing. It is also something that can easily transfer from one mobile device to another and that is a free option for both the business and the customer.

Email marketing is definitely still functional in today’s market. Before you completely disregard it, you should definitely look into how it can benefit your business and the marketing goals you have set in place.

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