As we become an increasingly connected society with smartphones, tablets and laptops surrounding us, it’s becoming more apparent that context creates meaning that could otherwise get lost. Users are quick to ignore emails or skim over information as their favorite TV show or movie starts – or as they browse one site after another.

Therefore, contextual email help businesses attract viewer attention at the right time. These types of emails are strategically planned so they resonate with new customers, long-time customers, or potential customers. Part of contextual email strategies include knowing your audience and segmenting your audiences effectively. Demographics, lifestyle preferences, shopping preferences and other types of data help marketers reach audiences in a meaningful way.

Examples of contextual emails include messages that pertain to specific seasons or geographic locations. It’s interesting to think how emails that relate to where a consumer shops or lives might be perceived differently compared to a generic email. Messages with context may also pertain to interests, such as sports activities or family activities. Imagine what would make sense for a customer to hear, and think about ways to frame an email so that it is meaningful at that specific time.

It’s also necessary to consider timeframes and convenience when engaging subscribers with contextual emails. If a business sends a promotion code that expires the next day, people opening the email in two or three days would miss it. email campaigns with planned delivery according to time sensitivity, such as an email one week and a few days leading up to an event helps customers become aware of opportunities. Other ways to add relevancy includes providing updates on product inventory levels, offering directions to the nearest store, or updating people on time left in a special offer.

In order to apply contextual marketing, it’s important to create emails that are well-designed and meet the needs of your audience. We provide tools that help businesses with their email marketing goals. From managing media to tracking outcomes, our services focus on results. If you would like further information about our online solutions that increase efficiency, contact us.