As every email marketer knows, one of the hardest tasks in email marketing is getting people to click on your promotions and offers. Here are three tips on how to improve open and click through rates.

Include Social Sharing Options

Including social sharing options is one way of getting people to click on your promotion or offer. This way, even if a reader does not feel a need for your product, they may still share it on social media, either because they personally know a friend that is in need of your product or because they feel that other people may find your product useful. If your promotion gets shared on social media, it will get a lot of exposure.

Include a P.S. in Your Emails

One way to incorporate a clear and conspicuous call to action in your emails is by including a postscript. Most people just quickly scan their emails, especially promotional ones, and the things that they notice most are the ones that are on the top and the bottom. Including a follow-up offer in a postscript that stands out is a good way to increase click through rates.

Make Sure That Your Emails are Mobile Friendly

Many people read most of their emails on their mobile phones. If your emails are not mobile friendly, these people may just ignore your emails, and even worse, erase them without even reading them. Making sure that your emails are responsive to mobile devices will take care of this problem.


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