Do you have a lot of email subscribers, but you feel that the click-through and conversion rates are a little too low? These three tips can help you improve open and click-through rates.

Include GIFs

People love GIFs. GIFs are images that are really short, few-second videos that play over and over again. Including a cute, funny, or humorous GIF is bound to catch your reader’s eye. Once you have got their attention, they are more likely to click on your call to action.

Send Out Reminder Emails

Not all emails have to be new deals and promotions. You should set up your email system so that it sends out a reminder email when one of your customers has been missing for some time. Simple, short emails like “We are missing you” or “Your account is lonely” serve to remind your customers of your existence. Sometimes, people just get wrapped up in their own lives, don’t have time to visit your site, and eventually forget about you, even if they did enjoy what you have to offer. These short emails will remind them of you and help them come back.

Match the Subject Line With the Preview

The subject line of your email is the first thing your subscribers will see. The second thing will be the short, few-word preview of your email. Match them together — for example, if the subject line is a question, the preview can be a short answer. This helps them get a better picture of what the email is about. 


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Source: RedCappi Blog