Clients judge emails in a fraction of a second to determine whether it’s worth reading or not. They’ll immediately discard your email if it doesn’t pique the recipient’s interest. We’re not here to scare you. Approaching clients via email is a great opportunity to develop relationships with prospects and existing clients.

We have explained how to write a winning email in this post. As a free email marketing service provider, we believe these strategies will help you win more clients.

How to Write A Winning Email?

A strong email will make sales, grow your clientele and engage prospects to improve your marketing metrics. Follow these tips on writing a winning email:

Better Subject Line

The first step to writing a strong email is to write a catchy subject line. This is your first shot at getting the recipient to open your email. Keep your subject lines short but catchy. Use verbs and personalize the description for the recipient. You can ask a question in the subject line or address any pain point.

Adopt A “You” View

Remember, the email content is about them. Start with a brief introduction of your company if you’re sending the email to a prospective client. Start with something that relates to them. For instance, add a rhetorical question or directly mention a problem they face and bring the solution.

Never make your email campaigns about yourself. Don’t boast about how amazing you and your business are. Shift your mindset to the needs and pain points of the customer.

Sell a solution, not yourself. That’s how you win over clients.

Does Your Email Help?

Ask yourself this question before entering “send”. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and ask, would you be happy receiving it? Nobody cares about the best content or clean code. What they care about is whether it means anything to them.

Don’t go about using technical jargon or making the email complicated. Your email should add value and connect the dots to make the life of your prospects and customers better.

Close With A CTA

End your email with a call to action (CTA). That’s where you encourage the recipient to follow the next step to solve their problem. You can add testimonial links to show off your happy customers and compel them to visit your site to render your services or buy your product. You can also promote any discounts you have running at the time.
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