Have you just stepped into the world of email marketing? The chances are that you may not be entirely familiar with the concept of segmenting emails. There’s only so much you can get out of sending generic messages to everyone on your list. Not only will people be disinterested in receiving your emails, but you may also yield zero results from your marketing campaign in the long run. So, how can you slice your email list for better results? Keep reading to find out.

Why Is Slicing Your Email List Important?

Email marketing is here to stay. Based on a survey carried out in 2020, 38% of respondents stated that their email marketing activities were extremely effective.

Hence, the right question to ask is, why should you let go of many creative ways to run an effective campaign in favor of a dull and generic one? Why not make good use of your email sequence software?

For one, your customers love reading content that is relevant to their needs and situation. Hence, there is no reason you should let go of an opportunity to gain their trust, which will eventually benefit you. The more you know your recipients, the better your chances of tailoring your emails to resonate just right. There are tons of ways to slice your email list for better results. Here are some of them.

Geographical Location

Find out where your contacts live, especially if you’re a brick-and-mortar business. You do not want to send offers to people who don’t even live in the same town. Even if you’re an online business, knowing where your audience lives can help your services reach where they’re required. Imagine using your free email sequence software to send emails to a population that doesn’t even live in an area where you can provide services.

Purchases In the Past

If a certain segment of your list has bought something from you before, simply use that information to send emails tailored to things that interest them. You can also upsell by identifying what more your target audience can require from you. Furthermore, you can also offer complimentary products or services based on the things they purchased in the past.


Understand that the internet is accessible to everyone these days. Hence, you want to be careful about offering the right thing to the right age group. Finding out the age of your target audience can help you adjust your communications accordingly before you utilize your bulk email sending software.


Last but not least, know that you can’t speak to everyone the same way. Hence, adjusting your emails and offers based on gender is also extremely important.

Wrapping Up!

Slicing your email list allows you to reach where you’re required instead of exhausting your resources and offering services to a bunch of uninterested individuals. At RedCappi, we understand exactly what you need when it comes to email marketing. Whether you’re looking for email sequence software or guidance to use it, RedCappi has you covered. Contact us now for more information.