You already know email is an important asset for your business. But how do you maximize it? How do you turn a new subscriber from a prospect into a paying customer? And how do you do so in a consistent, replicable way?

The answer lies in email autoresponders. Not only does an autoresponder sequence automate the process of sending email, but it allows you to onboard new subscribers, or provide old subscribers with new experiences, in an authentic way. A well-crafted autoresponder can transform your newest leads into sales in a completely automated process. Here’s how:

Create a powerful lead magnet

The lead magnet, or opt-in, is the way in which you secure a new email address. Your lead magnet will differ based on your industry and audience, but in general, it is something you offer for free. Sometimes it is a training or download. Sometimes it’s a discount on a product. Whatever your lead magnet is, to receive it a user must provide their email address.

Set up your autoresponder

Once someone joins your list, they will be sent the free lead magnet and entered into your autoresponder sequence. These emails are designed to help your new subscriber learn more about you, get to trust you, and recognize you as an expert.

Each email platform is different, but Recappi makes it incredibly easy to set up.

First, you need to write the emails. Create content that delves deeper into the content discussed in your lead magnet. Explain who you are and how your business was founded. Provide testimonials, blog posts, and other content that proves you’re an authority.

Then, all you have to do is enter the emails into the platform and set the sequence to begin.

Make the sale

The autoresponder should conclude with a sales sequence. This is a set of emails that transitions from providing pure value to making an offer. The offer should connect back to the original problem that led the lead to join your list and build upon the information provided in previous emails.

These three steps will allow you to put a basic autoresponder sequence in place.