An email list is an important piece of any marketing strategy, but it doesn’t do you much good if there aren’t subscribers. Because of this, list growth is a constant concern. Unfortunately, it can often feel difficult to grow your list effectively. There are paid marketing avenues, but those can become expensive. Luckily, it’s possible to grow and nurture your list in an organic way–especially when you have the right tools at your disposal.

Organic growth happens when you gain a subscriber through non-paid means. You don’t run an ad or a sponsorship campaign. Instead, you provide free value that leads one of your ideal audience members to hand over their email address, opting into your list.

The best way to promote organic growth is by providing something free that has a high perceived value. Called a lead magnet (or sometimes an opt-in), this free content is accessible only behind an email subscription form. Content can include a quiz result, a free downloadable file, a video series, a mini-course, or any other tangible, digital product that provides a solution to a need.

Run a product-based business? You can persuade your audience to sign up for your list by offering a coupon, or access to special discounts within your email campaigns. This allows them to feel like inside supporters of your brand and get something in return.

By creating compelling content around your lead magnet and promoting it in the places where your audience spends time, you’ll grow your email list organically. You can also incorporate your lead magnet into content on your website, such as blog posts that are search-engine optimized, to draw in more organic traffic.

Of course, once you’ve earned your new subscriber, it’s time to nurture them. You don’t want them to regret handing over their email address, so it’s important to give them a valuable experience. This means delivering your promised lead magnet, but it also means staying in touch with them in a meaningful way.

This is where having an email platform that can handle sign-ups and email campaigns in a simple, effective way is crucial. The last thing you want is an email address to get lost because you’re using a complicated system. Or to lose potential clients because your platform is too difficult to figure out, let alone set a regular schedule for emailing your list.

With Redcappi you aren’t only able to capture leads in a simple, intuitive way. You’re able to remain in contact with them through email automations (so you can nurture your new leads) and campaign emails. And all through a simple interface that makes sense. You don’t need to be an email guru to have a successful email list. You simply need an email platform designed to work with you.

And, even better, Redcappi is completely free for your first 100 subscribers. So you can try it out completely risk free.