When it comes to using the internet, smartphones have overtaken laptops and PCs as they allow you to use almost all types of apps on the go. Smartphone users now prefer using social media and emails using their mobile phones instead of opening them on laptops. Nearly half of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

If an email is not mobile-friendly, a customer is more likely to either delete it, mark it as spam, or unsubscribe. Therefore, making your email mobile-friendly is the most important factor in email marketing campaigns. Here are some ways to optimize email marketing campaigns for mobile users:

Use a Mobile-Friendly Template

Mobile-friendly templates make it easier for the email page to scale according to the user screen. Scalable emails provide a single column to write emails. This column normally uses large text and looks the same regardless of the screen size and the type of device the customer is using.

With Redcappi, you can create well-formatted email marketing campaigns using different email templates, auto responders, and segmented customer lists. Always choose our mobile-friendly responsive template to optimize your emails for mobile users.

Keep Your Emails Clear and Concise

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of creating quality content for email. When it comes to automated email marketing, content holds the key to effective lead generation. Always ensure your content is clear, to the point, and engaging. Writing long content never excites the customer to click your call-to-action button. A relevant but short explanation always keeps your customers focused.

Use Preheaders to Write a Short and Easy-to-Read Summary

Preheaders are like a summary of the email that follows the subject line when you view an email in the inbox. Customers always appreciate short summaries written in preheaders when they open emails on mobile devices. You can add useful information instead of the mostly-used “view in a browser” preheader.

Use of Preheaders in Bulk Email Sending Software

Make Call-to-Action Buttons Easy to Touch

Many customers complain of not finding it easy to touch the buttons at the end of the emails. Create a call-to-action button with enough pixel cover to make it easier to tap. Your CTA images should be padded enough to avoid frustrating tap errors. For that matter, including only one large CTA button at the end is always the best option.

Maintain an Optimal Image-Text Balance

Using too many images or too much text destroys the customer’s focus. Always maintain an optimal balance between images and text in your emails. An email that is too dependent on images without much supporting text fails to capture customer attention. Moreover, using images with smaller file sizes is better so they can load quickly on a user’s device. You can also use image compression tools to shrink the file size.

RedCappi Ensures a Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing Campaign

With Redcappi, you can create emails using a single column to optimize them for any platform or screen size. Check out our built-in CTA buttons, which are adaptable to custom screen sizes with a standard 45 pixels to adjust a typical adult finger cover area on the screen.

Check out the features of our email marketing software with this online demo. Sign up for free today and use our free email marketing tools.