When it comes to small business marketing, you don’t want to rely on one source of advertising. Social media marketing is excellent, but an email list building is just as effective for several reasons. With email marketing, you have control of the kind of message and promotional content that you want potential customers to see. This is not the case with social media. Email marketing gives your brand a human and personalized touch, and this makes readers more likely to consider what you offer. An email list is also a cost-effective and time-saving marketing strategy. Here is how you can grow your list organically.


Ask Your Current Customers


Once you’ve completed transactions with customers, follow up with a request to join your email list. Discuss what they will receive on a regular basis when they subscribe. Maybe you can offer a discount promo code on some of your products to those who sign up. Or you might offer a free digital download to new subscribers.


Incorporate Calls to Action Within Your Content


If your website has a blog, incorporate calls to action within your content. Place a contact hyperlink at the end of each of your posts along with a brief description of the services and products you sell on your website. Your blog content should be informative and related to your services. Another idea would be to include a sidebar or popup where readers can sign up for your email list.


Attend Trade Shows and Other Industry Events


Trade shows are not only good for learning about what is new in your industry, but it is an opportunity to grow your email list. When attendees come to your booth, discuss the nature of your services and how it will benefit them. Have an email list sign up sheet on your table for them to write their email addresses on. Use those addresses to send newsletters about your company.


Invite Subscribers to Share Your Newsletters


Now that you have a sizable list of subscribers, invite them to share the love. Place sharing buttons on all of the newsletters that you send to make it easier for them to do so. This could lead to an increase in your email list without much effort on your part.


In conclusion, email list building is one of the simplest ways to attract potential customers. You can reach them in a direct way, and it shows that you appreciate your supporters.

 If you need assistance with creating and maintaining a successful email marketing campaign, contact us.  We can help you develop the best strategies so that you’ll increase engagement with customers.