One way to improve open and click through rates in your email marketing campaigns is through engaging in what’s known as personalization. Personalization in much more than simply including the recipient’s name at the beginning of the email. Although that is helpful, everyone knows that the inclusion of their name is simply done by automation. Here are some additional ways on how to personalize your emails.


Personalize Your Emails Based on Location


Although you have probably figured out which time is the best to send out your emails, not all your recipients live in the same time zone. If you know the location of your customers, you should send out different batches of emails for different time zones. It’s much more than just the time zones, though. Each batch can be personalized to the specific country of your recipients. In the US, you can personalize your emails based on which section of the country they live in: East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, etc.


Personalize Your Emails Based on Customer Data and Activity


There are a few ways to do this. A simple way would be by grouping your customers into segments when they sign up for your services — for example, you could have them choose between two reasons or purposes for why they are signing up. A more sophisticated way to do it would be by analyzing each customer’s activity and, based on that, grouping them into a certain segment. You can then send out separate, personalized emails for each group.



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