When it comes to growing an email list, most resources will suggest using paid traffic. And while this method can be fast and effective, it can also be effective. Organic traffic is not only free, but it can often result in highly qualified leads.

Here are a few tips for growing your email list organically:

1. Create a free opt-in, or lead magnet

Gone are the days when you can simply ask for someone to sign up for your newsletter. An email address is a precious commodity. It’s a gateway to someone’s inbox, which many people protect tirelessly. Your job is to convince your potential new subscriber that it’s worth having you in that inbox. This can be done by offering them something in return. A free download, a discount, or access to behind-the-scenes content provides your leads with a tangible reward for giving you their email address.

2. Get visible through media outreach

Once you have a lead magnet in place, it needs to be made widely available. It should be accessible via your website, but that’s not the only place it can go. Guest posting on media outlets, interviewing on podcasts, and finding other ways to put your message in front of your audience will help drive traffic to your lead magnet. Often, you can include your lead magnet in your byline or show notes.

3. Drive organic traffic to your site

As you’re building visibility by posting elsewhere, make it easier for people to find your lead magnet within your website. Post articles on your blog that are search-engine optimized. These posts are more likely to show up near the top of search results, leading to more traffic on your website. If each post provides an opportunity for visitors to sign up for your email list, you’ll gain a larger list over time.

These three strategies for growing your list organically will give you a solid start. While organic strategies do tend to take more time than paid strategies your list will grow more quickly as your popularity builds.

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