Building permission-based email lists is vital to securing your web presence via email marketing and networking your brand. Email marketing affords us a multitude of other opportunities at our fingertips, beyond the initial exchange of a business card or a single direct postcard mailer. Whether you are introducing new products, offering special discounts or promoting seasonal items, or if you are reflecting on a recent store campaign or event, growing your email list is vital to making sure your name has the farthest reach with a single click.

Some tips on how to grow your list:

1.  In-Store Signup Form: Place a simple, in-store signup sheet at the forefront of your business counter/front desk, and collect customer email contacts. RedCappi is happy to provide you with a blank signup form that you may print and begin collecting. 


2.      Online Signup Forms: Use the RedCappi platform to create a simple, customizable signup form, that may be placed anywhere in your website, to prompt visitors to join your email list.


3.      Employee Incentives: Get your store employees to assist you in collecting email contacts by offering them money or discount incentives for valid email addresses.


4.      Customer Incentives: Get your store customers to give you their email addresses by offering them either unique EMAIL-ONLY offers or some type of discount or free item on their in-store purchase.


5.      Trade-Show Contacts: Make sure to follow up on any trade-show or event contacts made within a few days, by sending out an email recapping what you discussed at the show/event and asking permission to add them to your email list.


6.      Referrals: Get your customers to give you referrals and offer them some type of discount or free item on their next purchase.