It doesn’t take long before diminishing marginal returns set in regarding your email marketing list. Within the first few months of creating your newsletter, all of your most loyal customers will sign up. After the initial wave, it gets harder and harder to find new subscribers. 

This is one of the hardest challenges in relation to email marketing. If you can’t get new subscribers to join, then there won’t be any point in redesigning your emails or creating new content. 

A recent Mediapost article explains a few ways businesses can acquire new subscribers after the initial wave. The article suggests hosting social media giveaways and asking participants for an email address: 

“Many marketers are trying polls where only those who register with an email, perhaps to verify their vote, are allowed to cast an opinion. There are also giveaways and competitions where it seems perfectly reasonable to restrict entry to people who have given their email address — which, again, can be used as a means of outwardly proving the entrant is who they say they are.”

Your social media followers will understand that you’re trying to limit entry to one per person. They won’t challenge you on this since it maintains the integrity of the giveaway. Moreover, they’re receiving something meaningful in exchange for their contact information — a legitimate chance at winning a prize with no monetary investment. 

Ideally, your giveaway will attract users who haven’t already subscribed to your newsletter. In reality, there will be some existing crossover between your email subscribers and social media followers, but it won’t be enough to undermine the acquisition of new subscribers. 

In addition to building your email list, this tactic will also increase follower engagement on social media. It’s a great opportunity to give your brand more exposure, connect with customers, and convert leads all in one. 


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