There is so much information how long the process of moving leads to conversion takes that sometimes new business misunderstands all of the game behind it.

Today we say let’s make the system force the call. Stop hesitating and build your business. In seconds.

Why should you care about seconds? You can always call later.Statistics based on 100,000 contacted leads tell you the actual truth:

“The odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes are 21 times greater versus 30 minutes.”

To paraphrase – 25 minutes can cost you your dream business. Just sit down and count the number how much effect does a 21 x increase in qualification have on the overall sales revenue (or even better – profit) of your firm?

Write that number on and make a big poster of it in your office. And every time you try to find a reason (like…I need a coffee now) not to call your lead straight away – have that number in your mind. It should be a driving force for you every day.

Have you ever thought about the fact when your customer submits the form – that’s the moment when they are engaged and motivated and have the most significant intention of buying your service?

Such moments are the most precious for all sizes and types of business. Your goldmine.

Sales fundamentals and psychology praises the moments of commitment and gained attention. You cannot and should never expect that such moment can happen again. Be grateful for it. Your customer might be browsing and submitting other forms for similar service.

In this scenario – your call will stop their hunt for the best deal and will give them a solution to their problem.

Many companies come to marketing experts and cry about the lack of leads. They buy more leads generation campaigns, and then they blame agencies that there are no sales. Yes, sometimes it happens that targeting is not right, however:

Statistics show that most of the companies actually waste 71% of internet leads. Forbes statistics truly is even more shameful and scandalous.

It takes 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to lead.

You might think yes, but they still all get contacted. Well, they don’t. Research shows only 27% of leads ever get approached.

Teams just are not trained for time and attention – the most precious differentiating factors in today’s business. They don’t realize that if they call straight after the form is submitted, they have a benefit of “presence detection.” It means that a person is in front of their computer and/or has a phone in hand.

So when you decide to invest more in leads generation, check if your current campaigns that generate leads can show better results if you start taking real action after you get a lead.

When looking at the above statistics, nothing else can motivate and empower you more than CallDrip. It simply makes you catch leads. It does not allow you to find excuses and sabotage your business.

So what does it exactly do?

Does it look like you can miss any calls and leads?

And guess why do we like it even more?

Yes! Integrations!

 Forms building is included in this process. To build forms, we suggest you choose Wufoo Forms.

When you use Wufoo form, you can send an email to Red Cappi and initiate automated sequence while also initiating a call with CallDrip.

Can there be a better automation for generating leads and then empowering them in few seconds?

Wufoo personalizes the experience with use rules that create dynamic forms following the logic that you’ve specified. That way you can gather more accurate data and segment your lead so that the call flow easier and you don’t have to ask basic questions.

Moreover, most of the forms are available as templates because Wufoo teams have provided with over 400+ form templates. Reporting and analytics provided by Wufoo are flawless and provides so much more information.



Zapier integration also means that you can integrate Red Cappi into the funnel.

You can create automatic email consequence that your lead will receive after you call depending on the how call ends and initiate meeting or appointment reminders.

Red Cappi team is searching for the best ideas for your business marketing.

We hope that this article will motivate you to answer the call that you receive through Calldrip and follow up with email autoresponders with Red Cappi.

Tools and tactics can make a huge difference in your journey to growth.

It truly can be…. so easy that baby could use it.