With Thanksgiving a mere three days away, we should all have begun to take the time to reflect on our lives, our blessings and give thanks for the many daily miracles and fortunes that envelop our lives. Thanksgiving is not all about being thankful for the our sprawling estates, sport cars and designer totes. Thanksgiving is not even about “scheduling” a predictable text to all those in your IPhone with a mass “Happy Thanksgiving” message. Thanksgiving is about stopping to really observe your surroundings and be grateful for the many ordinary and simple blessings in our lives- good health, a roof to stay warm and dry and for basic nourishment.
Water is the most basic and most precious of all… and sadly, taken for granted by many here in the United States. Unfortunately, this does not reign true to other parts of the world where millions of people are without clean, sustainable forms of water to be able to live and conduct their daily lives in a healthy, stress free and safe environment.
It’s Time to Do Good!

Let Thanksgiving be a reminder that it’s simply time to do good. Give Water, and see how giving back can enrich your own life, as well as save another!
charity: water has devoted its efforts to water projects to bring clean water solutions to developing nations around the world. This group determines which specific type of sustainable water solution best fit’s the particular needs of a region, whether it be a water-well, rainwater catchments or BioSand filters, among other options, and brings relief, all the while documenting the final proof of the project via satellite GPS coordinates on Google Maps.
To learn more about charity: water and how you can take part this Thanksgiving 2011, as well as all year long, go to