Lead ads are a type of ad that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

How are they different from all other ads that you can try on Facebook? These ads include a contact form that lets people show their interest in a product or service by filling out the form with their details.

Facebook ads are excellent for both B2B and B2C lead generation, because of a wide range of targeting options.

Red Cappi team will help you to boost your lead generation efforts by simplifying the process and making you think about right budgeting and optimization.

The three essential elements is a/b testing, right format, and drip email that follows.

The most important news for Facebook Lead Ads is video in 2017.

1. The creation of creative.

You have many options here. Most of them depend on budget. The easiest one is to hire a graphic designer. 99designs.com has a strong reputation when it comes to quality design services.

The special category of banner ad contests allows you to pick a winner from many submissions that you receive on your project instead of relying on 2-3 options.




Another option is Canva. Canva interface makes it so easy to create various formats for marketing, and  their templates are just beautiful.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to play with Canvas.  Just a bit of time, creativity and inspiration. Moreover, AdEspresso has so many inspiring and engaging examples of Facebook ads that again there is no justification for not trying this tactic.


In one of the studies, video ads generated an increase of CTR by +200% and reduced CPC by 40%. When it comes to the video format, Magisto is a tool to go to save time and make amazing videos for your branded content.

2. Choosing incentive and CTA.

Attention-grabbing format is important, but your viewers might need an additional incentive. Some of the questions to ask about your Facebook ad  is:

  • Do you give coupon or discount for those that share their info with yours?
  • Are you making your value proposition clear in your ad?
  • Is your ad campaign laser-focused on the audience interests, challenges, needs that you are targeting?

Be honest with yourself.

Call to actions depends on your campaign type and nurturing tactic. There are 6 available CTA buttons for the Facebook lead ads:

  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Learn More
  • Apply Now
  • Get Quote
  • Download

If you have a case study, a report or valuable to your potential customers lead magnet that you want them to read then you choose download button. We recommend to think about lead magnet If you have several buyer profiles, then you might need to think about a number of leads to optimize your Facebook ad campaign.

Another important detail is that you need to have Privacy Policy Link and Confirmation page (or so called Thank You page) link available on your website before you launch an add too. This is simply because you are gathering emails and contacts of the leads.

3.Integration with Red Cappi software.

Now that you had a design of your ad and chose the CTA, the next step is to think about building your tunnel and where your Facebook lead ads end up. This will empower automation of your customer inquiries and increase your website traffic.

Facebook ads are in the Zapier integrations directory. Create Zapier account, and you can empower the tunnel.


Link Facebook ads with Red Cappi lists that you create.

Red Cappi worked hard to ensure that interface and dashboard is user-friendly. When you press on Contacts, you can create a new list that you will later match with leads coming from the specific Facebook campaign.




We love Adespresso at Red Cappi. A/B testing of Facebook ads can be and is a hassle. However, that is the hassle which pays back and saves you thousands. Adespresso is an affordable tool and full of guides, webinars, and e-books that tell you – your team has no excuse for not testing Facebook ads and just putting every last dollar in one basket.

As you see you don’t need a marketing agency to build successful Facebook ads campaign. Jon Loomer, an established expert in Facebook ads that we follow, have an amazing webinar that you can replay anytime  How to Master Facebook Lead Ads.

Testing and getting inspiration and then using compatible and easy to use email marketing software like Red Cappi will help you save on the marketing budget and empower you to target your chosen buyer personas.

Best luck in your ventures!