For our B2B customers, we have created an easy tutorial to generate B2B leads without help from an agency or hiring additional staff.

Who will benefit from this tutorial? Anyone working in the following industries:

  • Accounting services
  • Finance
  • Human resource services
  • Recruitment sector
  • Office cleaning services
  • IT infrastructure building services
  • Management Consulting

Advice is based on the most often made mistakes across industries of the B2B field.

So, what are the most important things to consider when being in the B2B  field?

Don’t sleep on referrals.

This one hurts. But it is true. Many small B2B business companies just silently rely on referrals from their past and existing clients. When you ask why are they not actively seeking more clients, the phrase enough, for now, is so common.

Choose wisely channels.  Act accordingly when you are on them.

There are many channels nowadays that you can use to get attention for your brand, services and build the following. However, will you choose Instagram or Pinterest for the B2B services, when most executives are on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook?

Build effective Funnels.

Yes, effective funnels in plural for a reason. Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing and Sales Development @brightfunnel insists that B2B should have a diverse program mix in your inbound marketing plans. What does it exactly mean?

Inbound funnels can have a beginning from Facebook Lead Ads, Linkedin ads, guest post, youtube channel. Test channels with different lead magnets and only then you can see the winners.

Effective funnel includes pricing pages as well. Jonathan Bentz, the Marketing Manager at Netrepid, has shared a fundamental lesson that he learned from many A/B tests: “The conversion rate of requests for quotes (RFQs) from the pricing page is higher than conversions from a service page.”

Know your targeted audience decision makers needs and their daily reads

Look at the changing behavior of content readers and your targeted audience.

What kind of content do C-level, directors, managers consume? You don’t have to guess anymore. Content marketing statistics are readily available online.

Despite a busy schedule, long-form articles that provide value are shared mostly by executives.


Ref source:


Not just format but the time of sharing should concern you.


Ref source :

Build step by step utility and helpful content 

The buying guide is no longer pictures of your product and description how to use it. In 2017 buying guides that attract B2B owners help them solve their most pressing issues from A to Z (and your product hopefully plays 1% role in that guide).

Ask yourself would you buy service from a business that understands your pains and demonstrates it by taking the extra step to publish 1500-3000 words guide or someone who is smiling and just adding SALE red sticker on the online products?

Understand buying behavior of business owners

A survey from The Alternative Board (TAB) on B2B sales revealed that 64% of business owners prefer personal trial and error when making a purchase.

No surprise that David Scarola, who has over 20 years of consulting, product development and technology experience across many different industries,  gives you advice that your B2B company can increase the leads coming from the website by offering a demo or trial version of your service.

Inform and educate business owners, don’t sell to them.

Webinars play a considerable role in conversion funnels because they build a human connection by educating. In 30-40 minutes well-structured webinar and Q&A session, you can win so many hearts, generate leads, have content that you can repurpose to audio, and 5-8 videos for Youtube channel and get recorded webinar as a future lead magnet.

Andrew Davies, co-founder of praises gated content that has been used for decades in B2B strategies and the webinar is this engaging format that can capture you leads a long time after recording. It is simply a long-term investment. Davies goes further and gives you a hint: personalize gated content.

How to choose webinar software?

GoToWebinar software helps you engage your attendees from start to finish.  More importantly, it integrates flawlessly with so many apps through Zapier.


1 webinar/month can literally transform your business.

1 webinar + 8 automated nourishing leads email sequence with Red Cappi can build your business and double your sales.

Red Cappi as GoToWebinar integrates through Zapier. Therefore, you can use an efficient nourishing drip email sequence to get more sales after the webinar.

Make separate lists of webinar registrants and webinar attendees, so that you could personalize email sequence for people who attended and who didn’t. Share replay of the webinar in the next email and afterward send additional details and offers for attendees.

Those who attended are your hot leads. Grab them and in the following week -make sure to contact and offer personal online/offline meetings. Don’t waste the opportunity.

There is no excuse because Red Cappi was built with an easy interface and helpful integrations.

We hope that you will use advice from experts, build your webinar email sequence with Red Cappi and see fast results in your business!