What is the secret to having folks open your emails, interact with the content, and look forward to the next time you will contact them? While there is not one answer that applies to everyone, CIO Magazine notes that consumers click the unsubscribe button if the content you send them is irrelevant. The solution is clear: plan on engaging subscribers with contextual emails to keep them reading.

What Do Customers Want?

If you are in the business of fixing cars, your emails undoubtedly deal with automotive topics. But what happens when you focus your communications almost exclusively on sports car repairs or fleet vehicle maintenance? The subscriber who became interested in your business when you ran one of your rare tutorials for passengers cars will unsubscribe. At this point, you have two options.

  1. Vary the content. Offer a little something for everyone.
  2. Segment your subscriber list. Send passenger vehicle tutorials and updates to customers who expressed this preference; reserve the fleet information for commercial subscribers who were looking for tips and tricks to save money when dealing with numerous trucks or vans.

Choose the Right Email Marketing Tool

Managing your mailing list is one of the most crucial tasks an email marketing tool must offer.

  • Multiple lists. Sort your contacts according to their stated areas of interest. Contextual emails gear content toward these preferences, which prevents subscribers from losing interest in your communications.
  • Email newsletter creation by list. Each newsletter should have a look that brands your company in such a way that you highlight the values the business and targeted consumers share. Going back to the auto body shop example, consider the look of emails you send to sports car aficionados versus those you send to commercial fleet managers.
  • Tracking options. Engaging subscribers with contextual emails is only the first step; tracking your success ensures that you go in the right direction. If you notice that one list seems to have consistent unsubscribers, it is time to tweak the content these consumers receive.

If all of this sounds daunting, do not worry. Contact us today to learn more about an email marketing tool that puts you in the driver’s seat of your content.