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Create mobile-friendly email campaigns.

Our easy-to-use Campaign Creator puts you in charge of creating personalized emails that connect with your customers.

Responsive Email Editor
Email will adjust to fit your contacts screen (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
Image Import
Import Images from a Link, Facebook, GMail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Google Photos, Flickr, Instagram, GitHub, or Take a Picture
Stock Photos
Search from over 500,000 Stock Photos
Image Editor
Apply, Effects, Frames, Frames,Stickers, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Lightning, Color to Images
Enhanced Linking
Buttons or Images can Link to a Web Page, Email, SMS, or Make A Call
Dynamic Images
Populate Text on Top of an Image based on a Contact Field Value

Marketing automation that’s simple to use.

Never let the right time pass your emails by with our email marketing automation and autoresponders. Create schedules to automatically send a series of emails to your contact list, and even automate the entire customer email journey. RedCappi makes it simple to keep customers engaged with minimal real-time effort and ultimately increase your revenue with pre-planned campaigns.

A/B Test Your Campaigns.

Our simple A/B test setup will allow you to send different campaigns to segmented audiences, allowing you to see which message works best, prior to sending to the rest of your audience.

Test Your Emails for Deliverability Score

Send your email to our scoring engine to see how your email performs. You’ll receive valuable data such as: HTML Errors, SPF Issues, Spam Score, Broken Link and Short URL checks.

Personalize your contact management.

Keep your audience engaged with the right message. Whether you’re looking to drive conversions or simply keep them informed, RedCappi offers tools that let you segment your contact lists and personalize communications to unique groups. Use any contact field in a message for mail merge possibilities

Leverage real-time insights.

Capture invaluable data and learn what works best for your current and prospective customers. With RedCappi, you can track email opens, clicks, and forwards with ease. Plus, we automatically remove unsubscribes and bounced emails from your contact list. That way every email is on point to meet your goals!

Get social with your audience.

Expand your reach and generate potential leads by posting email campaigns to your social networks. This not only drives brand awareness, but it’s a quick and easy way to increase loyalty and show your current customers what you’re brand has in store!

Build your email list effortlessly.

Growing your email subscriber list just got a whole lot easier. Create and embed forms on your website to acquire new leads. Add custom and mandatory fields and user surveys to learn more about subscribers. Finally, confirm submissions with a thank you page or email, or simply add users to your email marketing automation to drive future engagement and conversions.

Segment your contact lists

Managing lists got a whole lot easier. Use our list segmentation tool to segment your contact database into different lists. You can use our segmentation tool to chop your list into different lists based on contact field values. Use our dynamic lists to find people who have read, clicked, or are unresponsive to your emails

Learn how easy it is to boost your business with our email marketing software today.

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