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What is a signup form?

A sign up form is a form that allows visitors to your website to sign up for your email campaigns. RedCappi makes creating one of these forms fun and easy with the same type of drag & drop editor that you used to create your email campaigns. You can get started on creating a sign up form by clicking on the Signup Forms button on the main page of the RedCappi member portal.

How do I create signup forms in order to grow my subscribers?

Click the “Signup Forms” tab.

Then, on the Signup Forms page, click on the “Create Signup Form” button and begin customizing your form.

1. Name the form (which will be private and for your own recognition only)

2. Select the list that the new signups will be added to.

3. Select the fields (name, address, company name, etc.) you’d like to gather from new signups.

4. You can also add custom fields (interests, date of birth, about you, etc.), if you’d like to gather additional information.

5. Style and match your Signup form to your brand

6. You can customize the form title, button text, text & background colors, add your logo or background image, etc.

7. Review the appearance of the form, visible in preview changes area.

8. Finally, click the “Save & Share” button (visible on the top-right corner) that will generate your custom code and share URL link.

Sharing Your Forms

Once you’ve customized your signup form, there are numerous ways to share your forms to grow your subscribers.

Here is a couple:

  • Embed code on your website
  • Copy & paste signup form link into your emails and newsletters, social media pages, etc.