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Sending Plain-Text Email Campaigns

Some email marketing experts suggest that plain text email campaigns have better inbox deliverability & better open rates than HTML emails. While this is true, the downside of them is that you cannot track clicks, opens, and forwards in plain text emails. Follow the instructions below to use RedCappi to send plain text emails.

1. Click Campaigns

2. Click New Campaign Triangle Dropdown>> Select Plain-Text Email

3. Type your email, click green Next

4. Name your Campaign and edit your footer if necessary, then click Next Step

5. In the Campaign Options screen, complete the following:

  • Add an Email Subject (with personalization if preferred)
  • Add a From name (we recommend a first & last name for best results)
  • Add a From Email Address
    Select one or more lists to send your email to
  • Post your email campaign to social media f. Send yourself a test campaign
  • At the bottom, Send Now or Schedule Delivery for later

Can I schedule my email for a later delivery date?

Of course you can 🙂

To schedule your email for a later delivery date, first complete the design of your email campaign and proceed to the “Campaign Options” page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see 2 options:

1) “Send Now” (which will send email as soon as possible, depending on the number of emails in queue before yours)

2) Schedule Delivery (which let’s you specify the time and date to send your email)

3) Select the date and time and click Schedule to complete.