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Introducing the Zapier & RedCappi Integration

 RedCappi & Zapier Integration         

We’re very excited to introduce that we’ve connected RedCappi with Zapier. We know this integration will create so much value for our customers by allowing them to connect redcapi’s email marketing software with 750+ other apps. And the best part – there’s no engineering required.

About Zapier

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. With Zapier’s library of over 750+ connected apps, you can create your own automated workflows between various tools you use.  Zapier is also very affordable. Pricing plans start at a free level, and you can upgrade to a $20 or $120 monthly plan if you need additional features. You can see pricing & plans here.

What Can You Do With the Zapier and RedCappi Integration?

You’re probably asking “what are some of the things I can do with Zapier?” Great question. The possibilities are limitless, but here are a few examples of Zaps you may be interested in building:

  1. Create a lead in each time a subscriber fills out a RedCappi sign-up form. In the olden days you would have to hire a engineer and pay them $200/hour to program this for you using the APIs.  When all was said and done, you might have easily ended up spending thousands of dollars.  However, now that RedCappi has an integration with Zapier, you can easily create a Zap in the Zapier platform that creates the lead in each time a subscriber fills in a RedCappi sign-up form. Oh and guess what the price would be. It would be absolutely FREE if you sign-up for Zapier’s free plan.
  2. Add prospective customers to RedCappi Autoresponder campaigns each time a Hubspot CRM contact’s property (field) value is changed. Again, in olden times this would probably cost you thousands of dollars.  However, now you can do this free & easy.

Today, we are BETA testing with Zapier, so we need customers to help us test the integrations with their favorite apps.  We’ll be giving you written articles containing instructions for creating your favorite Zaps with RedCappi. But we also want to hear your suggestions.  Please send us an email at or fill out a form if you have any suggestions or ideas of Zaps you need help creating.  Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the platforms with Zapier integrations you may find useful. You’ll also find a list of hyperlinks with instructions for creating specific Zaps.

A Few Well Known Apps Connected to Zapier

  1. is the world’s leading enterprise grade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with over 150,000 customers worldwide.  Here’s a link to the pricing & editions for their Sales Cloud CRM.
  2. Hubspot CRM is an easy to use and powerful CRM that makes it easy to build and grow your pipeline.  It’s free forever & they have add-on tools such as Hubspot Sales Pro which includes a CRM and online click-to-dial, document management, Gmail calendar integrations and much more.  Here’s their price list.
  3. Paypal lets you send & receive money insanely easily.  You can even receive payments on your website through Paypal.
  4. Gmail is the leading provider of free email software, but they also offer paid accounts through G Suite.  G Suite provides online documents, web storage and calendars for businesses.  Their plans start at just $5/month.
  5. 123 Contact Form lets you easily create and add forms to your website
  6. GoToMeeting lets you schedule and conduct online business meetings and share your screen with meeting attendees.

How to Get Started Using RedCappi & Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Free Zapier Account here
  2. See the list of Zap instructions we’ve created below.  Follow the instructions to create one of the Zaps below, or contact us if you need help creating your own Zap

List of RedCappi Zap Creation Instructions

  1. Add a lead to RedCappi.  Use this zap to automatically add any lead created in into RedCappi at which point you can automatically send a sequence of emails to the lead using a RedCappi autoresponder
  2. Add a Hubspot CRM contact to RedCappi.  Use this Zap to add a Hubspot CRM contact to a RedCappi list and autoresponder email marketing sequence based upon a changed property (field) value in Hubspot CRM
  3. Add a PayPal Payer to Redcappi.  Use this Zap to add Paypal payers to a RedCappi list.  You can then send them single email campaigns or multiple email campaigns using Autoresponders

How To Add a Lead to RedCappi & RedCappi Zapier Integration         

In this article, we explain how you can use the RedCappi Zapier Integration  to add a lead to a RedCappi Autoresponder, which automatically triggers a series of emails, each time the lead is created in If you prefer, you could also add a contact to RedCappi anytime a contact is created by using that option in the trigger.  To learn more about RedCappi’s Zapier Inegration, go to our help center & click RedCappi integrations.  If you have any questions or need help setting up your Zap, please contact us via email at

What You’ll Need

Before creating this Zap, you’ll the following:

  1. A paid Zapier Account that allows you to build (3) step Zaps (cost ~$20/month)
  2. A paid Account
  3. Free RedCappi Account 

Creating the Trigger in Your Zap

Note- in this example, we teach you how to create a contact in Redcappi each time a lead is created in You can also automatically create a contact in RedCappi when based upon many other options from  Take a look at the trigger options in Zapier to get a feel for the other options

  1. Login to Zapier click create a Zap
  2. Type Salesforce in the search box under ‘Choose a Trigger Ap’ then click continue and RedCappi Integration through Zapier

3. Under Choose a Trigger, click New Lead then click save & continue Select the trigger in zapier

4. Login with your credentials & Make sure you test the connection, you will receive a green Test Successful Bar

5.  Click the red continue button

Adding Your Action (add contacts to RedCappi)

Next, we’ll add the contact to a list in RedCappi which can point directly to an autoresponder which will send the contact an email sequence based upon the time intervals that you prescribe.

  1. Under Choose App, type RedCappi in the search bar
  2. Choose RedCappi
  3. Select create contact to create a contact in a list
  4. RedCappi Create Contact Image
  5. Click save & continue
  6. Click Connect your redcappi account.  Find your public & private API keys in RedCappi by clicking the extras tab at the top of your redcappi account, then clicking generate key at the bottom of the screen.  Then paste those values into Zapier, then clicking yes continue in Zapier
  7. Select the redcappi list you’d like to add this contact to and make sure you map the email address as those are the only 2 mandatory fields.  Map any additional fields into redcappi by clicking the + icons associated with any fields you want to map
  8. Click create & continue to send a test record from Hubspot CRM into RedCappi
  9. You’ll receive a test confirmation once your test successfully completes
  10. Hubspot CRM Adds contact to RedCappi Email Marketing Software
  11. You can check the list in RedCappi to make sure the contact was added as expected by searching for the email address of the contact added during the test

Doing a Live Test

  1. The last step is to do a live test
  2. Make sure you login to Zapier & turn your Zap onTurning your Zap on for Hubspot CRM Integration with Redcappi
  3. Login to, create a lead
  4. Grab Yourself a Cup of Coffe :-).  It will take up to 15 minutes for the Zap to run
  5. Log back into RedCappi & make sure the contact(s) have been added to your list
  6. Pat yourself on the back.  You just designed a data integration that could generate thousands of dollars in revenue for your company.  Great work


  1. If a contact already exists in redcappi, would they still be added from to my specified list if I update the field in Hubspot CRM?  Yes, a contact in RedCappi can be added to multiple lists
  2. Is there a way to create this Zap using a free Zapier account? No, is a premium app which means you must be on a paid Zapier plan in order for this Zap to work
  3. Can a lead that is added to through the API or Web-to-lead feature also be automatically added to RedCappi through Zapier?  Yes, we conducted tests to make sure that both leads created in manually by users and leads created in through online forms would both be created as contacts in RedCappi, and the tests were successful