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How can I score my email for inbox deliverability?

On the campaign schedule page, click the button “Check Your Email Score Prior to Scheduling” button.

Clicking this button will open up a new window providing you details about your email and how it scored.  Your goal is to achieve a 9/10.

Score of 0-3: Have no chance of getting to the inbox

Score of 3-5: Lucky to get into an inbox

Score of 5-7: Will land in some inboxes, but not all

Score of 7-9: Almost perfect, will land in majority of inboxes

Score of 9-10: Perfect, the best chance of landing in all inboxes

The page will also provide you info on how to improve your message.

How do I send a test email?

It is always a good idea to test your email to see how it would look in different browsers and inboxes, before sending it to your entire list.


1) To send a test email, click the “Send a Test Email” button in the right side of the “Campaign Options” page.



2) Enter the email address(s) you wish to send test to in the text field provided and click “Send”.