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How Do You Create an Email Campaign?

Create an Email Campaign using the Drag & Drop Editor

  1. Click “+New Campaign” 

  1. To use a free RedCappi banner, hover your cursor over the banner & click the green select button

 To use a free RedCappi banner

  1. To upload your own banner, click “Start with a Blank Banner

 To upload your own banner

3a.  From the Drag & Drop Editor, to upload your own banner>> Click the images bar >> Upload Images >> Choose File >> select the desired email header from your desktop computer then drag it into the banner section of your email on the right

  1. Note- RedCappi allows you to upload a file up to 2MB in size, and your total library may be up to 50MB total. Contact if you’d like to buy additional MB

Drag & Drop Editor

  1. Your header will look something like this when done


  1. To create the rest of your email, drag any content blocks from the left into the email on the right. In the screenshot below, we dragged the text block over, then it allowed us to type the message you see

drag any content blocks

  1. To insert images into an email, do the following:

6a. Click the images bar on the left>> Upload images (note our file size allotment is ____ per file & our mailbox allotment is ____ per mailbox

Upload images

6b.  Click content bar on left>> drag image block to the email body

drag image block to the email body

6c.  Then drag your image over as desired.  Note, there’s now a content block on the right within the email that wasn’t there in 6b above.  That’s where you’ll pull the image

drag your image

6d.  It will look something like this once you’ve pulled your image over

pulled your image over

6e.  Enlarge images by dragging the resizing icon in the lower right corner of the image to enlarge

resizing icon


  1. Personalize emails by selecting a field from the personalize dropdown menu at the top of the email editor. Pull in First Name to address your contact by their first name. You may pull in any value from any field you have imported into RedCappi contacts

Personalize emails

  1. Ad a pre-header so contacts know what your email is about. The image below on the right shows how the pre-header displays on in iPhone inboxes

pre-header displays on in iPhone inboxes     

  1. Make sure you select the edit button at the bottom of the right side of the email to update your company street address. Note that you must update this information in order to comply with CAN-SPAM laws

select the edit button

  1. When you’re done editing your email, click Next Step

done editing your email

  1. In the Campaign Options screen, complete the following:
    1. Add an Email Subject (with personalization if preferred)
    2. Add a From name (we recommend a first & last name for best results)
    3. Add a From Email Address
    4. Select one or more lists to send your email to
    5. Post your email campaign to social media
    6. Send yourself a test campaign
    7. At the bottom, Send Now or Schedule Delivery for later

Campaign Options

Can I schedule my email for a later delivery date?

Of course you can 🙂

To schedule your email for a later delivery date, first complete the design of your email campaign and proceed to the “Campaign Options” page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see 2 options:

1) “Send Now” (which will send email as soon as possible, depending on the number of emails in queue before yours)

2) Schedule Delivery (which let’s you specify the time and date to send your email)

3) Select the date and time and click Schedule to complete.