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Adding contacts manually or “one at a time”

1) Go to your “Contacts” page.

2) Click “Add Contacts” button.

3) Make sure that “One at a time” is selected from the options.

4) You can then enter your contact information manually.

You can add as many rows of contacts as you need (up to 10 rows at a time).

6) Then, select the list you wish to add these contacts into, “agree” to the RedCappi terms and click Save.


1) Make sure that the file is a “CSV” or “xls” file.


2) Go to your “Contacts” page.


3) Click “Add Contacts” button


4) Make sure that “Upload From a File” is selected from the options.


5) Click “Browse” and select the file you wish to upload from your computer. (Make sure your file is in “CSV” or “xls” format)


6) Once the file is selected from your computer, you can then select the list you want these contacts to be imported into and “agree” to the RedCappi terms of use.


7) Finally, click “Save” to start the import.


Note: Larger lists will take longer to import, but feel free to navigate away from this page. It will not affect the import 🙂


We will send you an email when your contacts are fully imported.