Big box online retailers have known for years that customizing product displays based on their customers’ purchase histories can be a key to up-selling. Engaging subscribers with contextual emails takes a page from this playbook and expands on it.

Why Contextual Emails are no Longer Optional

In a word, the consumer has been spoiled. Leveraging available information to provide your email readers with a relevant experience is a must. Failure to provide this relevance results in messages that lack up-to-date appeal. They do not fully personalize the experience for the recipient and most likely lead to a lukewarm reception. From there, it is a short distance to the “unsubscribe” link.

What Contextual Customization Looks Like

Graphics, local news appeal, and even favorite tabloid information combine to create a highly customized email experience for your customer. Do not bore a jazz fan with the latest Bieber news. Conversely, do not display endless baseball updates for a soccer fan. Getting this down to regional and even time zone specific content is possible.

How to Parse the Email List

Working with an email marketing package that lets you segment your address list is crucial.

  • Subscription preferences. Do not send daily updates to the recipient who only wants to hear from you once a month.
  • Geographic locations. Independence Day marketing emails will have little to no impact on your European subscribers. Sorting lists by areas as well as time zones is a good idea.
  • Device-centered experiences. The customer who reads emails on a smartphone should be targeted with a difference setup than the one who reads them on a personal computer. If you encourage the download of applications, doing so with an eye on device usage is crucial.


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Source: RedCappi Blog