Affiliate marketing is an integral part of your business efforts to make your product viral and hack the growth. Unfortunately just having a program description and a tiny link in the footer menu is not enough. Like all digital marketing strategies, affiliate marketing requires strategic communication.

How do you find a way to communicate with your affiliates and people who drive revenue and growth of your business?

Red Cappi is proud to tell you today about Tapfiliate – affiliate tracking software that enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs. If you decide that affiliate program is the right path for your business, then Tapfiliate can empower you to manage this sales channel the right way and with great insight power.

Can I use it on platforms that my website is built on?

We would be surprised if not because Tapfiliate is available for the following platforms:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Big Commerce
  • Squarespace
  • Prestashop and much more!

Zapier integration makes it so easy to manage communication


You can easily personalize your affiliate program and create incentives for various achieved goals.

So how to launch an affiliate program that gives you new customers and is a significant part of your business success?

There are many tricks and tips, but the following are the most important in order to start on the right track.

1. Fist of all – analyze what your competitors are doing.

You can set standards based on examples in your industry. You might find good examples and bad examples – do better. Think how can you be a more valuable choice for affiliates searching for the best deals in the category.

What are other ways you can beat competitors that are hunting for affiliates?

An excellent converting product and this is how you can beat your competitors. Affiliates can say from your landing page quality if it takes them extra work to encourage their audience to try your product. Your support system and FAQs page should be flawless before you even consider affiliate marketing. Invest time into the content that tells customers all about advantages of your product and how your existing customer benefit from it – then you have an advantage over competitors when affiliates start doubting.

2. Leave greed behind.

Consider your pricing before you set up affiliate program. Calculate your profit if your sales come from the affiliate program.  Remember affiliates will not come and signup if you do not promise prize. They need to put effort into promoting your product. Therefore, they will hunt for the best deal available. Be the best deal, and you won’t have to ask yourself why affiliate marketing is not working.

If you offer Freemium version, adapt your affiliate program to motivate your affiliates because of smart affiliates with a big following check if it’s worthwhile for them to refer their audience to you.

Look at this example: is offering 5$ to affiliates just for a new sign-up. That way affiliates trust this program and understand that immediate conversion to the paid plan is not required to be rewarded.

Affiliates often have a very high traffic websites with a targeted audience and affiliate marketing is their business model, so do not try to trick them.

3. Be supportive.

Publish articles on how your affiliates could market your product, updates that are relevant to their crowds.

4. Invest into marketing your affiliate program.

Do not hide it. Make bloggers and other affiliates aware of the new program and how well it works for their crowds. Showcase the product and ensure that affiliates can use all resources to promote your product. Be ready with all banners, links, and tips about the marketing. Your affiliate program is your product and affiliates your customers. Many business owners treat affiliates as their employees and think of them as time wasting thieves.

As long as your customer success is important to you, affiliate success should be your priority too. Do they get enough attention from your brand? Are they treated well across all channels? Is the support adequate and help system address concerns that affiliates might have?

5. Let your customers know about it.

Your loyal clients who you see are discussing features of your product online can become your best affiliates.  Be transparent about it and make them feel rewarded. Integrate referral system into an affiliate program.

6. Consider recurring affiliate program.

One of the best viral software available on the market today has a recurring commission. It is a motivating force for most of the affiliates because it attracts long-term results.

7. Look at the affiliate program as headhunting and talent hunting practice.

When you start hiring, you know exactly what kind of team member you need. The affiliate should be a perfect match for your audience or audience niches that you have in mind. You also want to attract and keep the best affiliates with the most targeted traffic. Contact them and be open about your intentions.

In Conclusion, the outreach program is necessary. Therefore, Red Cappy email marketing software can serve you with the easy to use the system for list building and integration with Zapier.

Red Cappi can help you create lists of affiliates and help you build an affiliated community that you can be proud of. So easy a baby can use it.