We can’t stress the importance of your email’s subject line! A catchy, interest-sparking subject line provides the initial window into your campaign’s message and what you aiming to sell, and is a vital step in the email creation process. Retailers and service providers looking to gain the best return on investment need to think about what message their email subject line will exhibit and how to best promote their current email newsletters and promotions.

Successful Sample Subject Lines
In order to entice your subscribers to open your email promotion in their inbox, you may want to incorporate time markers into your subject line. You can add an element of drama with an offer about to expire or with a reference to a time period- be specific, like “Labor Day Weekend Sale, or more general, such as “Fall Specials.” You can also prompt subscribers into thinking about holiday promotions with significant upcoming dates and related specials.

    •    (Month of) Specials/ Deals
    •    Enjoy (Season) Specials/ Deals
    •    Save % off your purchase in (Month)
    •    Last Minute (Holiday) Gifts
    •    Limited Supply

Subject Lines to Avoid
RedCappi tolerates only permission-based email and stringently follows an extensive Anti-Spam policy. The Bureau of Business Protection Business Center has set forth a Compliance Guide for Businesses, with a rundown of CAN-SPAM’s main requirements. One such requirement is to not use deceptive subject lines. Thus, it is vital in the world of email marketing for your subject line to accurately reflect the content of the message.

Some subject lines that may seem misleading are those intended to deceive, trick, confuse or improperly entice a recipient into opening your email, with a message that has little to no bearing on the content of email message sent. Samples of some misleading subject lines are listed below:

    •    Hello, I never heard back from you.
    •    Could you help me out?
    •    John, resend your shipping address for shipment/confirmation.

The RedCappi Team