There’s no exaggeration to say that we all are overwhelmed all the time due to the heaps of information we encounter daily. The overwhelming number of promotional messages, advertisements, devastating news, work stress and personal life demands take a toll on us.

This is all the more reason for us marketers to work harder. We need to make our marketing campaigns engaging that compel consumers to take action.

That’s where personalization comes into the picture. Let’s explore why it’s all the rage these days.

Why Does Personalization Matter in Email Marketing?

Personalization isn’t just something “nice” to include in your campaign. It’s a necessity now. Marketers who want to drive engagement need to step up their game. For instance, basic subject line personalization alone can increase the email open rate by 26%.

Besides its positive impact on email opening rate, email personalization also improves revenue streams and engagement. 44% of readers agree that they purchases after a personalized experience, and 40% agree that they purchase expensive products because of the personalization these products offer.

So how can you improve email personalization? Let’s dig in.

Work on Data Collection

You must know your audience. There are no two ways about it. The road to email personalization starts with data collection. Include a screening questionnaire in your sign-up form so your consumers can answer the questions.

This information can help you craft more personalized email content for the audience. Having said that, don’t overwhelm your audience with too many questions.

Benefit From Interactions

Email marketing platforms such as RedCappi gather a lot of information on recipient behavior. You can benefit from this information to improve customer interaction and experience.

For instance, find out when the previous email campaign opened, which type of content consumers interacted with and what conversions were made. You can leverage consumer interaction to improve engagement and personalization.

Add Automated Triggers

If you want to take personalization up a notch, use automated behavioral triggers in your emails. You can drive reader engagement using these trigger points. You can base trigger points on engagement or lack thereof. For instance, if a subscriber doesn’t open a time-sensitive email, you can remind them again through an automated trigger.

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