Email newsletter and email marketing are the two most-confused terms in the digital marketing world. After all, we use the same tools for both. However, there are many differences between both. And if you send a newsletter as email marketing, you’ll be making the biggest mistake.

As an email marketing campaign creator, we’ve curated this guide to differentiate between both so you can make the most from each tool.

What Is An Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is a scheduled and structured email that is sent to an email list. Some businesses opt for a weekly newsletter schedule, whereas others have a monthly policy. Newsletters include information about events, industry news and something your subscribers will find valuable.

You get to create a bond with your readers through newsletters. Companies also leverage newsletters to send recaps of their digital content, such as videos or blog posts. Remember that newsletters aren’t emailed blasts as most marketers and small businesses tend to think.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing includes irregular massages that don’t follow any set schedule. Email messages feature some sort of call to action (CTA), can be less formal and induce a sense of urgency among readers.

Email messages use language such as “donate today”, “watch a demo”, “sign up today”, or “don’t wait”. However, you must know your audience before sending an email message.

The best way to add value through email messages is by surveying your reader when they subscribe to your list. This screening survey will inform you about their demographics and preferences.

Differences Between Newsletters and Email Marketing

While both tools are important for relationship building and brand visibility, you must understand the difference to figure out which one is right for you.

Personal vs. Impersonal

Newsletters are more personal; think of news and letters. They’re written in the first person to address a reader. You can use an informal voice and sense of humor to describe news or share personal experiences.

Email messages are impersonal and written on behalf of your brand. It can resemble an advertisement and doesn’t include opinions.

Relationship vs. Sales-Oriented

Newsletters focus on building trust. Not that you won’t build trust via email messages, but in the latter, you sell a product or service, whereas newsletters share value.

Pain Text vs. Template-Based

Most newsletters are plain texts, but you can add an image or two along with emojis to make them personal. Email messages use elaborate templates to attract more leads. Visuals play a key role in email messages, unlike newsletters. Nonetheless, the right choice of images can enhance your newsletter’s appeal.

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