Ineffective email marketing can really impact how your customers may view you or your company. Emails have the power to not only receive a customer but also build a positive relationship between a company and consumers.

Using a valuable email software/managing system and including some of these tips can advance your email campaign 


1. Personalize, and then personalize some more – This tip authentically stems from first knowing not only your audience but your target demographic for your product or service. You can call to certain demographics of your audience or specific groups, making the emails feel as if they are more “designed” for them in particular. It is a good idea to not single out any group in particular.

This might sound tricky to do; a good example is:

Topic lines or phrases can be for “young adults” or “avid readers” instead of “those in their 20s” or “people who read every weekend”.


2. Interactivity – It’s wise to always leave a call to action or something the reader can do immediately. Giving readers options to be interactive with you or the company can make the email seem much less one-sided. Including things like questions, surveys, polls, quizzes, call for feedback, etc.. can be what opens a line of dialogue.


3. Bonding with Clients / Transparency – This is a marketing trend that is developing and receiving positive feedback. It’s mostly referred to as “Brand Humanization“.  Being transparent about yourself or the company helps consumers become bonded with the company. They can relate to them on more of a human level, and not a corporate level that is unfamiliar to them. This makes the consumer more comfortable with working with your company. Humanization also adds a touch of dimension to your emails and your company as a whole.  


4. Titles, subjects, email headers. – This can be one of, if not the most, important visual aspects of your email campaign. Consumers and businesses are receiving a tremendous amount of emails hourly. With only a few seconds spent on reading the title or header to decide if the email is worth reading, it can be as vital as the content of your email.


For making your email content striking, Redcappi can help with utilizing these tips and making your emails exceedingly effective.