The subject line is the article headline of email. The likelihood of someone reading an article, no matter how incredible it is, is quite slim if it doesn’t have a clickable headline. So for business owners who are staying up-to-date on the latest email marketing trends and sound pieces of advice, check out these valuable tips on how to create an eye-catching, million-dollar, and most importantly, clickable subject line.

  • Less is More: It might be difficult to master at first, and you may feel like you aren’t conveying your point as accurately as you would like, but try to create a subject line that is under 50 characters. Less is more, and you can make a powerful statement with fewer words. Your email marketing list will find a long, drawn-out sentence less impacting than a short one. 
  • Personalize It: People don’t like robots. People want to know something is coming from another person. Part of what helps with that is personalizing not only the email newsletter but the subject line. An easy way to do that is to include the recipient’s name in the title.
  • Take Notes From Blogs: Have you ever noticed that some of the most eye-catching blogs have numbers at the beginning of the title such as “7 Ways to Polish Your Brand”? Consider creating subject lines with numbers. They are more enticing to people who want a valuable, but clean and quick read.

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