It’s true: it takes a lot of effort to successfully market a business and the sheer amount of tips, tricks and general info one must remember is a bit staggering. Yet, whether you’re just starting out as a business or you’ve been in the game for years, it’s important to never forget the small stuff. The tiny touches that can tip the scales in your favor. In this case, we’re talking about the e-mail subject line.

It most likely sounds like a very low priority in your marketing plan, especially if you’ve put a lot of hard work into the message content itself. However, all the amazing graphics, information, and links to your website will never been seen if the customer doesn’t even open your e-mail. Why wouldn’t they open it? 

A poorly written subject line. 

Even long-standing subscribers will ignore an e-mail if the subject line isn’t interesting or appealing in some way. Don’t panic, though; here are a few ideas to keep subject line writer’s block at bay and grab your subscribers’ attentions.

Keep it concise. Aim for under 40-50 characters. The amount of text visible on a subject line differs between devices and e-mail providers, but short and sweet is the key. People don’t want to scroll through your e-mail to decide to read it and will only be irritated otherwise.

The Perils of Personalization. Sometimes putting the recipient’s name in the subject line is great, sometimes it’s not. People do realize that bulk e-mails aren’t sent individually and will often suspect a scam if they see their name. Yet, if your company is known to be quirky and a bit off-beat, personalization can fit in with your image. Decide if it works for you or will just annoy your customers. 

Emojis. There. We said it: emojis. Believe it or not, those little guys are becoming more and more socially accepted in the professional world. Admired, even. The addition of emojis in e-mail subject lines actually improves the chance the e-mail will be opened. Don’t overdo it, though, or you’re right back to irritating your subscribers. However, an artistic, and appropriate, touch is always appreciated. 

Punctuation!!! See how annoying that was? Punctuation is a powerful tool as an attention-grabber, but too many exclamation marks and people can’t delete your e-mail fast enough. That said, there’s a whole world of keyboard symbols out there that can make your subject line stand out, so don’t be afraid to pop some in.


All in all, the e-mail subject line is about balance, moderation, and getting right to the point. Hopefully these ideas will get you started on creating your perfect subject line, before it turns into an entire doctoral thesis. For any questions or help crafting the perfect e-mail, please contact us today!

Source: RedCappi Blog