We all know that one of the current email marketing trends is to keep your emails short, simple, and to the point. However, many people do not realize the small, seemingly insignificant, things they include in their emails that are really unnecessary. Here are five ways to cut down on unnecessary items in your emails.

  1. Do Not Include More Than One Promotion. Don’t include more than one promotion in a single email. It just confuses people, and they may end up not taking any action at all. Instead, if you have another promotion you want to send out, send it in a different email at a later date.
  2. Don’t Repeat the Subject Line. People see the subject line before they open the email. There is no need to start off the email with the subject line a second time.
  3. Don’t Include Your Email’s Purpose. Don’t write, “We are sending this email in order to inform you..”. People know why you are sending the email from the content of the email itself. Just get to the point at the beginning. 
  4. Don’t Include Standard Greetings. Don’t write things like “We hope you are doing well” or “How is your morning going?” They are unnecessary and just take up space.
  5. Use Shorter Synonyms. Don’t use cliches. A cliche would be “At this point in time” or “In this day and age.” Instead, use something shorter, like “currently.” Another example is “First of all.” “First” will work just as well.

 As a general rule, you want to keep your emails as short as possible. Don’t leave out critical information, but at the same time, don’t include too much information, and do not be too wordy.


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Source: RedCappi Blog