Email marketing continues to have one of the best ROI ratios of all online marketing channels.  However competition is still fierce, so it is important to understand which factors can mean the difference between a response from an email recipient or another unopened email that lands in their trash folder.  In this post we will discuss 3 factors, although not necessarily new, that are showing specifically they are the ones to focus on if an organization wants to pull ahead of its competitors.

Mailable Microsites 

In the past, emails were mainly used to either present information or direct a user to a web page.  However, emerging technologies are allowing organizations to interact with users directly in their inbox.  By interacting with users from within an email, businesses can provide an interesting format in which to conduct research, engagement and retention, without directing a (potential) customer to an additional site.  Users are more likely to respond to a microsite because it saves them from having to wait for additional pages to load.  Some of the ways companies are using microsites in emails include:

  • forms and surveys,
  • gifs, videos and animation,
  • menu options and navigation bars,
  • and countdown clocks.

Focusing on Tone

A more formal approach and tone still works best with B2B sectors, but when it comes to organizations trying to attract customers, a conversational approach is emerging as the most effective tone.  Rather than simply presenting information to customers, depending on the audience, providing a more personal and genuine interaction helps them associate positive feelings with a particular brand.  

Continuing Push for Mobile-Friendly Design

Especially within the last 2 or 3 years, creating mobile-friendly websites has been all the rage.  Of course along with viewing websites online, most people now check their email through mobile devices as well.  If a company has not already done so, the prioritizing in 2018 of optimizing their email efforts for mobile devices cannot be understated.

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