Email marketing is an often elusive method of gaining the right traction since it requires a great deal of coordinated effort. Each aspect of an email, from content to layout can have a massive impact on the campaign. 

However one aspect that is often overlooked is the subject line of the email but that is incredibly important – here are 3 reasons why it needs to be effective in your next campaign.

1) It’s your first impression

Think of the subject line as your first impression – over and over again. People get hundreds of emails in a day and some are likely to get filtered out than others. The ones that they are likely to click will have a catchy, effective subjective line. Some choose to be informative, others choose to be funny – either way, it needs to pack a punch to impress someone right off the bat.

2) It reflects your brand

Effective subject lines are so critical when it comes to setting a tone and establishing a brand. If you would likely to be a reliable source of information, craft your subject lines accordingly. If you would rather take a more humorous tone, your subject line should reflect that. It is a quick and simple way to establish a brand, and give users a preview of what to expect from your promotional campaign.

3) It leaves people wanting more

Ultimately, a subject line needs to be effective because frankly, that is what will entice them to click. An effective subject line will have some key pieces of information, but not all of it – users need to actually read the email to find that. Striking a balance between those elements is often difficult in the beginning, but it will get easier with more time and practice.

These are just some of the reasons why having an effective subject line is so crucial for successful email marketing campaigns. To learn more about how we can help make your next campaign the best one yet, please contact us.