Smart marketers are always searching for more effective ways to attract customers to their business. If you’re among them, you probably already use video as an online marketing tool. But do you use it in concert with your email marketing? If you do, it probably takes the form of including a hyperlink to one of your YouTube videos. That’s all well and good, buy there’s a new email marketing trend that takes email video to a whole new level. It’s a new player from Wistia called Vulcan that is more user-friendly than traditional video viewing options like YouTube. Here are 4 user-friendly features of Vulcan.

  1. Typically, video sharing via email involves a link that the recipient must click to get to the platform that’s hosting the video, and endure the website load time that goes with that action. Then the person has to click again to actually play the video. Vulcan video requires only one click, making the process much faster.
  2. They’ve added playback speed controls enabling viewers to select the playback speed that works best for them – a great feature for the busy internet user.
  3. Vulcan also has quality controls that allow the viewer to watch the video in whatever resolution they wish from 780p through 4k, so your high-resolution videos won’t go to waste.
  4. Finally, they’ve added a new thumbnail preview along the play bar that shows individual frames of your video making it easier for viewers to find the portions of your video they are most interested in watching. This also enables them to get through longer videos more quickly and better engage with your content.


But they haven’t just enhanced the viewer’s experience. As a marketer, you know that social sharing is a driving force behind video content distribution. When your viewers like what they see, they can easily share a Vulcan video with a friend. With new social sharing options right inside the player, your viewers won’t need to leave the video to share your video content.


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