Holiday Image
1. Stop and Appreciate (Thanksgiving is not a catch-all)
To carry on the course of what Thanksgiving has already set in motion, a simple well-crafted message to thank your subscribers for their continued following may get you noticed for not being too pushy. This is a simple way to re-introduce your company name and re-engage subscribers looking to devise and send email campaigns and newsletters in the coming year.

Sample Language:

  • Thank you for allowing us to offer you our finest service. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied in the New Year to come.
  • XYZ Company is proud to have your business.
  • Re-Engagement Idea: Thank you for having considered XYZ Company for your needs. We’re sorry we weren’t able to provide you with what you were looking for. Please let us know how we could better serve you in the New Year.


2. Gift Something (Discounts, Free Samples, Downloadable Journals, Coupons, Special Perks)
The holidays are all about giving back. This is the time to show your appreciation for the relationships you have built with your customers by offering exciting discounts and coupons, free product samples or monthly memberships, free downloads or other special perks unique to your industry.

3. Share a Narrative (a Tip, a How to, a Tidbit or a Story)
Whether you wish to share a success story or to rally the troops for a great cause, sharing a narrative, whether it be a simple tip or a useful how-to article can sometimes be just as rewarding as gifting a traditional gift, if not more lasting and accessible.

4. Offer a 2013 Sneak Peak
December is the best month to set your New Year’s resolutions in order and define concrete goals to better your customer’s experience with your company in the coming year. Tell your subscribers about future plans and what steps have already been taken to realize these ambitions.

Sample Language:

  • Out with the old and in with the new… a 2013 sneak peak just for you.


5. Throw a Holiday Party (A Private Shopping evening, VIP services, red carpet event)
In a previous blog, we discussed how to host a special event and the particulars of incentives for attendance and referrals and the holidays are no exception. Especially given the jolly temperament of the holiday spirit, a seasonal celebration is a great starting place, if you have yet to host an event this year.

Sample Language:

  • Come celebrate the joy of the season with our ‘Twas the Night before Christmas party.


6. Assemble a Holiday Contest (Trivia questions, projects, in store competitions, referral incentives)
Get creative with the utility of social media platforms like Pinterest to host a competition that is sure to get your company, products and services noticed. One idea for a competition is to ask each of your subscribers to create a Competition Board in Pinterest and pin 5 images that represent your company culture the best. In selecting a winner and rewarding them with a gift of significant value, you will have given your company a face that has directly visually stimulated a great following among the pin boards of many social media users.

7. Dispatch Gift Ideas
Add a gift features button in your campaign with price points and ideas on packaging to make a statement. Dispatch some ideas for those looking to purchase last minute gifts for friends, family or co-workers.

Sample Language:

  • The holidays are here and it’s time to get in the mood. Here are some easy gift ideas for your special little brood.



6 Other Sample Holiday Language to Wrap Your Email Campaign Up In:

  • Celebrating the joy of the season.
  • May your holidays be merry and bright.
  • May the spirit of the holidays warm your heart and your business. 
  • May 2013 sparkle and shine.
  • Season’s greetings and best wishes for a successful 2013.
  • Wishing you good times, good cheer and a merry holiday season.