Email marketing timing. Is it critical, a whole lot of phooey or somewhere in between?

Email marketing services make life so much easier for business owners to plan and schedule campaigns in advance, so if there is a particular time and day you want to target, it’s absolutely doable.

But when should you send emails?

Two years ago all the experts were claiming Tuesday mornings. You had to schedule then or you were bound to fail; but they forget a couple of issues.

1. Who is your target audience?

Lifestyle, commitments and behaviour are different for every target audience.
If you’re aiming at cubicle workers seeking to escape via a side business you might send your newsletter at 8pm Tuesday evening when they sit down to check emails and get some work done.

Comparatively, if moms are your target audience early afternoon might be your best option. The older kids are at school; she’s cleaned up after the morning tornado of a routine; scoffed down some lunch and is ready for five minutes to herself before pick up begins.
Or Sunday morning might be best. Hubby is wrestling outside with the kids so mom is taking the chance to lie in and have a read for half an hour.

2. Where is your target audience located?

Can you narrow it down to the east coast of the USA or are they in 45 different countries across 18 different time zones?
For example, Tuesday 11am in Melbourne, Australia is only Monday 9pm in New York. Alternatively, Tuesday 6am in New York is Tuesday 8pm in Melbourne.

Which do you choose? What does all this mean?

There’s no perfect time when everyone should be sending emails.

The best time to send an email is whenever works for you and your target audience. Not whenever the ‘experts’ say. – Click to tweet.

Plan And Send Your Emails

Set aside time on a regular basis to plan your email messages and timing in advance. Think about the questions your customers would like answered, the value you can offer and what seasonal events or holidays you can tie into your schedule.

Brainstorm the content you’ll include on paper or in a spreadsheet then create and schedule the newsletter editions online. You’ll save a lot of time by working in a batch process like this.

Emails can then be scheduled for automatic distribution at a nominated future time. Intuitive and easy to master you’ll save time that you can use to follow up leads from your campaign.

Just make sure your email newsletters have attention grabbing subject lines or they won’t be opened regardless of when you send them.

When Is The Best Time To Send?

Test, test, test.

You need to find the best day and time for open rates and clicks.
You can make assumptions about your cubicle escapees or busy moms but until you experiment with sending email newsletters on different days and times you won’t have the facts.

Email marketing services such as RedCappi give you the facts – which subscribers opened what and when.

Increase Your Email Marketing Success

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