Email marketing is a powerful tool for getting customized, timely information to your audiences. It’s similar to ringing each and every person’s doorbell on your list to tell them the latest news. People tend to check their email numerous times per day, so it’s important to stay on their radar in the best ways possible.

Enjoy these email marketing stats that will help you build your strategy for 2016:

1. Add Transactional Emails to the Mix: According to a recently published article inBusiness2Community, transactional emails receive a lot of clicks and opens. Users open transactional emails 8 times more often compared to other types of emails. Examples of transactional emails include emails send as a response or confirmation of a user action. User sign-up confirmations and receipts are some types of transactional emails.

2. Use Automation to Your Advantage. Automated business emails actually receive pretty high attention rates. People open automated emails over 70.5% more than other types of daily business emails.

3. Mobile and Desktops/Laptops Go Together. Interestingly, 23% of people who view mobile emails also view the emails at a later time on a different device. They may open emails on their smartphones for a quick glance, but read the emails more in-depth or respond on their computers. Consider periodic follow-up emails to remind people of your original message, in case they forget to respond.

4. Don’t Forget the Value of Social Media. Another article on Business2Communityhighlights the importance of social media. For instance, even though ROI on social media can be hard to measure, 90% of young adults use social media. Even high-earning professionals use social media to help them make purchasing decisions. The article states that 84% of CEO’s and VP’s find social media helpful when buying online.

In 2016, most businesses will likely use as many email marketing and social media tools as possible to attract and engage target audiences. It’s important to use the tools well in order to generate good conversion rates. Stay consistent, and try to weave together your blog, social media content, and email marketing efforts in ways that create multichannel engagement.

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