When embarking on a journey towards engaging audiences through email campaigns, some thoughtfulness and planning goes a long way. Before sending out an email to ask for donations and announce a sale, remember that your audience likely receives many marketing emails per day. Thus, make sure your emails are worth opening and reading. We hope you find these email marketing resources helpful in building your next campaign.

Here are some email marketing resources for beginners to make your emails more thought-provoking:

1. Design Matters

Sloppy emails are signs that the email marketer put the content together at the last-minute. Consider the theme and the overall brand strategy. How would you like your emails to look over time? What are the main colors, shapes, and imagery you would like to convey? Carefully choose your color scheme and fonts to make your email look as professional and interesting as possible.

2. Placement of Information

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the layout of content and imagery. Since you want your audience to read at least the first information that comes up when the email is opened, how could you do that without seeming too obvious? How could you draw your audience into the email and keep them reading?

3. Calls to Action

Consider what you would like the recipients of the email to do. This could impact your email headlines and the content of the email. Would you like your audience to go to your social media pages, respond to the email, or attend an event? Think about how you could phrase the content so that it’s entertaining or informative according to your overall marketing goals.

4. Tone

Tone shapes the reader or viewer experience when it comes to email marketing campaigns. You will want your tone to match the overall purpose of the emails. If you want your emails to be serious and heartfelt, the tone will likely differ from emails that are silly and fun.

Here are some sites that offer more resources for design and marketing professionals:

Adobe Color Wheel: Create amazing color schemes for your email designs with this handy tool.

Google Fonts: Enjoy browsing the wide variety of free fonts offered on this platform.

Smashing Magazsine: Free icon sets are occasionally offered on this site, and you’ll find tons of great information about design for the web.

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