Is your email marketing list getting thin? It is downright frustrating to see your list dwindle after putting in so much time and effort.  So how do you fix it?  It starts with aggressively monitoring and being proactive about the unsubscribe rate of your list. Here are a few tips to help revitalize things:

  •  Provide Value – Make sure your message is relevant and valuable.  Every email does not have to hound the prospect into making a purchase.  Aim to provide real value, which will help to establish you as a trusted resource.
  • Consistency is Key – You want to have a clear schedule for sending your messages.  Send them too sporadically and infrequently, and you risk becoming irrelevant.  Send them too often, and you risk spam complaints.  If you set a clear schedule and stick to it, you will remain at the forefront of the prospect’s mind, in a good way.
  • Clear Objective – What is it that you want the prospect to do once they read your message?  If you’re not clear about it, neither will they.  Make sure your call to action is strong, visible, and easy to perform.
  •  Be Responsive – If your message is not responsive, too slow to load, and overall unreadable on a mobile device, you’ll just frustrate the prospect.  Make sure your emails are easy to read on any device.
  •  Just Ask – An exit survey is a wonderful way to gain insight into why someone is leaving.  Don’t get complex about it.  Maybe just ask one quick question before they leave, and see what type of feedback you get.
  • All is Not Lost – At the end of the day, you’ll want to weed out prospects from your email marketing list who aren’t a match for your business.  Doing so frees you up to provide real value to the customers who are waiting on you to solve their problems.

A thinning email list is frustrating.  But if you are proactive in monitoring the situation, and quick in taking corrective action, you can turn things around.  Contact us, and let RedCappi take your email marketing to the next level.