The upcoming holiday season is a golden door of opportunity. Now is the time to ramp up your email campaigns. Yet, there is a major hurdle to overcome: your prospects’ email spam filters. Every email that ends up in a spam folder is a blow to your marketing efforts. 

Spam Impacts Your Campaigns. According to Securelist, 56% of emails sent in the first quarter of 2017 were spam emails. Abundant spamming means email providers devote significant resources to combating it. Legitimate marketers are sometimes caught in the spam filters.

What You Can Do. Here are a few simple tips (courtesy of Inc. Magazine) that, if practiced, will increase the odds of your emails making it to your customers’ inboxes. 

  • Build Your Reputation. A sterling reputation yields great rewards, including fewer instances of prospects reporting your emails as spam. This means consistently offering value to customers who want your emails.
  • Build an Organic Prospect List. Do not rely on purchased lists of emails. Instead, build a list of subscribers through your website or by other means. People expecting your emails will welcome your emails (and add you to their white lists). 
  • Be Specific and Unique. Include your company name in the subject line. Avoid “spammy” or hype words throughout your emails. Don’t lie or over-promise. Many spam emails are generic, obnoxious affairs filled with too many links and bot-generated content. Taking the time and effort to make your emails unique and professional will lessen the chances of your emails ending up in a junk folder.
  • Understand Your Stats. Marketing services like RedCappi offer detailed statistics so you can understand what is and isn’t working with your email campaigns. For example, if your bounce rate is high, you might have a spam filter-related problem.

We Can Help. A well-crafted, targeted email stands a better chance of escaping spam oblivion. But there is more to consider when designing your marketing emails. Not only do you have to bypass spam filters, but you must also convince your prospects to open and read your emails. RedCappi can help you craft and manage email campaigns that work. Contact us for more information.