Although it may seem easier to purchase a mail list, your brand will be more successful using organic methods to build it. Following are some easy methods you can use to build quality email subscribers for your brand.

Pop-ups Really Do Work

They are an excellent way to increase your subscriber base. Do not let the pop-up take over your visitor’s page though. There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted by a screen that seems to demand that they enter their information before being allowed to continue reviewing your site. You should allow your visitor some time before your pop-up appears on their screen.

It is important to just ask for their email address initially. You can always get more information later.

If your pop-up is rejected it is important to have an opt-in offer elsewhere on your page. The header is considered the best location for it. In addition, place it on all of your other pages.

Social Media Opt-in

Encouraging opt-in on all your social media campaigns will increase your subscriber base. They will be comfortable in opting in on social media because they are already interacting with your brand.

Order Confirmation Emails

This is an excellent opportunity to encourage sign-ups. They have just made a purchase so they are aware of your brand. Because they trust you, they are more apt to subscribe to your list. You could also offer a discount on their future purchase if they sign-up today.

Reward Programs

Create a rewards program for your brand. Publish it and your visitors will sign up to take advantage of its benefits.

Exclusive Offers to Your Subscribers

When your visitors realize they can be included in exclusive offers by signing up, your subscribers will increase naturally.

These are just a few ways you can build your email list organically. Contact us if you have any questions about your email campaigns.