Curated content is 1 segment of all of the content marketing that plays a prominent role in all sectors marketing success. Even though content curation is a different process than creating original content, but it still requires strategic mindset.

Beth Kanter, an influencer in content curation, explains what curated content actually means: “Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information.“

The description itself provides many answers how to do it right, doesn‘t it?

3 things stand out for us:

  1. Specific theme. Respect your followers, as they follow you for a particular reason expecting you to share what you are claiming all about. Don‘t try to include all topics, choose your niche from the beginning.
  2. How does something become meaningful? When you can clearly state your goals of your daily actions. If you are an accountant who wants to get more clients from the restaurant business, then sharing content about the restaurant industry and its struggles is meaningful. Both your curated content and your original content becomes significant when you know your buyer personas problems.

When you provide „meaningful“ services and content to your clients, you get meaningful results for your business.

  1. Curated content organized into topics, supporting categories and niches, a mix of formats, right usage of hashtags. Be organized the same as you are with the creating original content stream.

There are even various types of content curation. On social media, you can collect and share of other people’s content like blog posts, articles, videos or infographics on your own social media channels.

A lot of business owners, when the goal is traffic to their website, do not understand the reason behind sending their followers to other business websites.

Today there are tactics and methods, how to make sure that when you send your followers to another website – you use that source for additional motivation about your service. And you also have a box on the shared content, which enables you to target your followers with CTA.

What tools can you use to generate leads from curated content on social media? is amazing. And unique in this category of marketing tactics. 100,000+ marketers use How does it work? When we tried, we could not believe it is possible and so easy!

  1. Find valuable content that you would like to share with your followers.
  2. Put link into
  3. And you have a new content with your CTA box on it when sharing content with a sniply
  4. Monitor engagements and track results.
  5. Yes, you can expect results from curated content on social media!

There is, even more, you can do!

There are features on that allows you to add not just button snip, but also text, hidden, image and form snip.




Form snip ensures that while sharing content of other authors, you can convert some of the visitors to your leads.

Like everything across marketing tactics and channels, this tactic is all about A/B testing. Find your golden content with the best CTA and make sure that landing page where you send your followers is flawless too.

The strong content that you curate can trigger reaction to share email. Then it becomes not just about getting traffic back but also about getting all available juice from that interaction

You can also monitor ROI on your shared content and at the same time see which content converts best for your lead generation efforts. That way you don‘t have to guess anymore about the type of content, topics and formats engages your audience and makes your followers go back to you for advice, service or product. also integrates with so many tools and apps as it is on Zapier like us.

Where to store those precious contacts?

When you catch emails, you can send your new hot leads to email service provider and CRM software.

CRM software ensures that you never forget your leads.

Hubspot CRM is a perfect and trusted choice. Moreover, it is FREE.


Finally, you can also integrate with Red Cappi and ensure that you see how your CTA and specific Snipl.y drives conversions in email marketing.

Red Cappi understands that your segments in your overall list are the strength of your email database. Therefore, we have made sure that it’s so easy to create lists. We are on Zapier consequently you can link a list to form and launch a campaign of scheduled emails today.

We hope that the above advice will help you quickly ensure that you use the best effective tactics in your content curation efforts and see ROI. Red Cappi is here for you to empower email autoresponders and email lists in a few seconds.

We are here for you.