Red Cappi provides you with a simple tool to run your email marketing campaign.

However, you still have to do a very tiresome work- build your list.

We continuously publish articles that give you many ideas how to implement email list building strategies. Today we do not only give you a tactic but also show you how to it. How by using just 1 simple tool call is used by companies to manage contests and referrals. There are many more options how you can create and launch your giveaway. But we choose something that is simple for you to control and also what gives you many opportunities to build more than 1 goal when it comes to the campaign.

The best contest and giveaway app has many entry options across social media channels that it makes it easy to achieve extra with just 1 campaign. You don’t need to have separate contests on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

The screenshot below tells you how many channels you can engage when you launch a giveaway using No other contest and referral app is offering so many choices at the moment.


The above what you see are just the methods; you can see the long list of actual actions that you can ask contest attendees to perform when you go the page on

When you start thinking about your marketing efforts and how much you invest in your contest prize, why shouldn’t you have an opportunity to make engagement across channels during your campaign?

Is 1 click enough to get your prize?

You say – no, of course not! We say no, too! And supports us. has a fantastic feature of daily actions. What does it mean? If contest participant actually wants your prize and appreciates the award, they have to repeat specific steps daily. That definitely gives you more exposure.

How can you show the award that contestants are fighting for?

You can use not only prize images but also Youtube video to make everybody more motivated and interested in the benefits of the award. The video will give you enough space to explain contest rules too and set up the mood with the music background.  Video converts everything better than simple images or text. Why not use it to promote the contest itself!

So how do you start the contest or giveaway marketing campaign?

Set the goal before the competition begins so you can build the competition around it via entry format, submission, etc. For example, our target is to attract 500 emails, 100 Pinterest followers, receive 50 user-generated photos with our product, get an answer about the features that we should update.

From the goals list above your understand that primary goal is email collection, but also it is essential for you to collect user-generated content

User-generated content requires many efforts, but makes it so easy by allowing to submit a photo from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the Computer itself.

Why is user-generated content valuable for your brand?

It does not only make you happy but if you use the collected content strategically it becomes a vast recommendations gallery! According to Forrester research, there is 20% of the time-on-site increase when social content is integrated.

Many business owners say how do I collect referrals and recommendations when its so hard to ask anything from my customers. They are too busy. Yes. You are right. solves this problem. People suddenly clear their schedule when they know that they will receive 500$ worth of prize. That’s how you don’t have to beg for recommendations because, in 2 weeks, you have not just words but a gallery of social proof.

Social proof is the enormous force that drives business worldwide. Make sure that you include user-generated content in all of your contests. At the same time- it is one campaign, why not making it big? And worth your time.

Even though Gleam can make your list double in just a few weeks but its post-entry tactics expansions just a few clicks away from you. Therefore, we encourage you to hack growth.

“Man is a social being; it’s not surprising we love social proofs, it sells brands fast”

― Bernard Kelvin Clive

When you generate email list growth using contest, never forget to use Red Cappi list.

Red Cappi is hoping that our hunt for easy tools that help you achieve more will generate you sales and loyal fans that will help you establish and build your dream business.

It doesn’t have to be hard. So easy that baby can use it.