Email list is an asset

Long-Standing Marriage vs. One Night Stand
Our take on the ranks of email marketing over social media outlets can best be described as the dichotomy between having a long-standing marriage and a one night stand. With affordable email marketing, you are in the know to creating lasting, steadfast relationships, built on time-tested trust and loyalty.  Social media is sort of the Cliff’s Notes to this, in that notably Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are short term, go-to mediums for immediate thoughts and comments, with fleeting information based on brevity and instantaneous gratification.
Email is the strongest channel to keep customers coming back.

When you work hard to get people to your page, website or particular location, you want to keep them coming back. Email lists are an absolute asset to your business, so start building your list of contacts. By virtue of its targeted capabilities to be directed right into the inboxes of your contacts, email is the strongest channel to help build reliable relationships with customers, and keep them coming back. With social media, comments and communications are quickly lost in the feed, amidst the sea of other member comments, tweets or pins to Pinterest pinboards. By contrast, with email promotions and newsletters, if you have great content, that is both relevant and current, your response rate is going to be that much more, as you quickly begin converting traffic into repeat customers.
Focus on Email… it’s an asset!

Yes, by heavily promoting your social media pages, eventually you’ll get a ton of fans and followers, but how do you convert those social aficionados into paying customers? Simple email marketing is the way. At the peak of the social media hype engulfing users who are validated by the mere number of followers they have accrued, the real question begs asking… just how many of these fans have converted into true customers? Generally, there is a large discrepancy between popularity on social media sites and any given company’s actual customer base. Enter email marketing… the light at the end of the tunnel… the secret to building true, lasting customer relationships to grow your customer base and capitalize on any single website or store visit into recurring business. Email can be just as sexy as the one night stands, known as Facebook and Twitter, but is more hard-wearing like a long-standing marriage, with more substance and more power.